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Storm AP-1516D

The Storm is the ultimate air purifier specially designed to provide optimum air circulation, ensuring you breathe in clean air.


Breathe in only the good.

  • Air Quality Indicator
  • Multidirectional Air Flows
  • Powerful Circulator
  • Haze Mode
  • HEPA Filter

Air Quality Indicator

The colour of LED indicator provides immediate notification of current indoor air pollution level

  • Clean
  • Low
  • Medium
  • High

Intelligent & Automated

Exclusively designed air flow controller which you can choose air flow directions as you prefer.

  • Straight-line
    Household dust & pollutants from outsid.

  • Straight-line + Upward (90˚)
    Improving overall indoor air quality

  • Upward (90˚)
    Ultra-fine dust, odour/smoke, etc.

Powerful Circulator

Extends the airflow up to 6 metres which effectively improves indoor air circulation. Say goodbye to stuffiness!

Haze Mode

Highly effective haze-filtering feature specially dedicated to Malaysians for the recurring haze.

HEPA Filter

HEPA Filter inactivates more types of bacteria and viruses,
which is suitable for indoor air-conditioned environment which has bad air circulation.


Technology you can feel.

  • Coway Storm - Red Dot Design Award
  • Coway Storm - International Forum Design Award
  • Coway Storm - Pin Up Design Award
  • Coway Storm - The Korean Good Design Awards
  • Coway Storm - International Design Excellence Awards
Powerful Air
Storm (AP-1516D) Air Purifier
Power Consumption 65W
Filters Pre-Filter
Fine Dust Filter
AC Deodorisation Filter
HEPA Filter
Function 3-Stage Speed Control
3 Multidirectional Air Flows
Dust sensor, Light sensor, Auto, Silent, Sleep
Haze Mode, Timer, Quick Mode, Air Flow Mode
Coverage 49.5 m²
Noise Level 21.6 - 58 dB
Dimensions (WxDxH) Width 410
Height 765
Depth 240
Net Weight 12.0kg
Price Outright RM2,830
Monthly Rental RM90
Outright/Instalment RentalRental Registration Fees RM200 (apply to all product)
Cash - full payment Direct Debit (saving/current)
Cheque - full payment Auto Debit (credit card)*
Credit Card

• 0% Instalment
• Full payment

Advance Payment

• 1 year - 5% discount
• 2 years and above - 10% discount

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